Sunday, July 19, 2015

Girls' Camp - Holla'

Girls' Camp or more technically called "Young Women's Camp"
is the greatest adventure and most fun, I ever had in my youth
with my friends.
For one week each year from age 12-17, I attended.
We learned about the great outdoors,
grew our testimonies in Jesus Christ and
played hard.
Now my girls are old enough to be going.
It's a crazy, blow my mind kind of experience.
But I love that they are having this same great opportunity.
And I hope that they are learning the same things, even more.
Building the same skills, even better.
Having the same fun - I don't think that's possible. 
And in spite of the crazy weather,
falling trees and mild teenage girl drama...
I hope they always remember to keep their eye on the temple.
Shine their light and be a beacon to the world,
of goodness, of purity and virtue. 
Thanks you to every leader on the ward and stake level,
who dedicate your time and energy.
I hope you know how much you do really matters.
Lots of Love,
Me (and my girls)

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