Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Concert Time - It's Her First

Bella loves Lindsey Stirling, like madly. 
So as a reward and because we love her,
we got her tickets to go see her when she came to Stroudsburg.
It was a standing room only venue with no placement.
First come, first serve.
People came way early, but people are kind.
So seeing itty, bitty Bella - they let her all the way to the front with me too.
So there we were in the second row of people.
So close, closest I've ever been to stage.
Bella was beyond happy. 
So happy, I felt all tearful just being able to watch it.
And the concert, despite my initial worries was A-maze-balls.
Very entertaining.
And we were sad when it was over.
But it was a perfect first concert experience for Bella.
Sigh...happy moments!!!

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