Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm Getting Old

So over a week ago on Sunday, I started feeling a bit under the weather.  At first I thought it was because of a series of late nights.  I had just spent the weekend at my best friend's house and as you can imagine there were several late night talking sessions.  But my kids had been sick'ish' over the weekend and when I started getting worse I quickly realized that I was getting whatever they had gotten.  Mainly head cold but with serious flu like symptoms - muscle aches, serious fatigue, cold/hot sweats, etc...

On Monday, one child stayed home from school, two left for school saying they didn't feel great.  I was quickly deteriorating and then a call came from the school.  Another child had bitten the dust.  I put a blip on Facebook about not feeling great and the funk going around our home.  While online, I had read something about how moderate cardio can boost your immune system.  So on Tuesday I decided to try and do a slow jog to the gym for a quick workout and then back home.  But alas, I was past a little sick.  Upon arriving at the gym, I had met my match, declared this illness the winner and asked for a ride back home from the gym manager.  While doing this a friend had brought me this care bag and delivered it on my door step.  Luckily I still had two children at home to bring it in.

9 days later, I'm still sick.  Not as bad as I was, but still not great.  My husband says this is the sickest and longest he has seen me since we've been together - more than 15 years.  He hints that it's because I am getting old.  I worry it may be true, but I sincerely believe it is because more than ever I suck at taking the time and rest I need, despite his absolute assistance in trying to help me.  He did win "rock star of the year husband award" as three days in a row he went to work late, covering the morning grind and letting me sleep. 

Still this is what the past 9 days looked like, despite the sickness in my calendar:
  • 1 last minute project and animal diorama
  • 4 times helping in kids classrooms
  • 1 oral surgeon phone appointment and pre-screen
  • 3 times watching the neighbor's child after school and walking another kid home
  • 1 abandoning of VT and make and deliver treats instead (can't spread the funk)
  • 1 eye Dr. appt.
  • 2 FHE's
  • 1 waxing appt.
  • 1 orthodontic consult
  • 6 music lessons
  • 4 kids' activities
  • 1 St. Patty's Day with green and traditional food
  • 1 library board meeting
  • 1 lunch with friend
  • 2 dinners for people who needed it more than me
  • 1 oral surgeon consult
  • 2 sets of Scouts and YW's drop offs and pick ups
  • 1 Foster Meeting and Home visit
  • 1 Family Visit
  • 1 IU-13 Seminar
  • 1 First Day of Spring and Rita's Visit
  • 1 Easter Egg Hunt
  • 3 Play Practices
  • 3 Sessions of Stake Conference (Travis spoke at Priesthood Leadership, so I popped in there)
  • 1 Puppy Spay
  • 2 Violin sound tests, 1 violin purchase

and in case you think, I didn't cancel anything...
  • 2 missed book clubs
  • 1 cancelled RS event
  • 1 abandoned HS Girls Night dinner
  • 1 Missed Spaying Appt (while I was sick someone accidentally fed dog, surgery postponed)
  • 1 decline on Service Bingo at Pleasant View Retirement Community
  • 3 skips on morning routine
  • 6 missed gym routines

and healthy add ins included:
  • 6 early bedtimes
  • 3 added naps
  • 2 friends helping with drop offs and pick ups
  • 1 friend delivering food
  • lots of puppy snuggles
  • and the best husband and kids to try and spoil me!
I'll survive just to keep seeing these smiling faces!

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