Monday, April 28, 2014


We got ourselves a French Foreign Exchange Student.
We had no expectations.
Bella picked her after reading apps and looking at pics.
It would only be for 10 days.
We got a girl named Charlotte.
She turned out to be beyond amazing.
The instant connection was unlike any I have ever known.
Only thing similar was meeting my husband.
I loved her more in ten days than most people I know.
Now she is back in France.
I was in a real funk for two days.
Then I did the adult thing and picked myself up again.
I'll have to visit her soon.
And she wants to come back here again, too.

I found a new member of our family
- even if it isn't strictly biology.
The rest of the students were great too.
One of the teachers, Sylvia, was beyond great also.
I told me husband, she would be a bestie, if she lived here.
Should I do it again this summer for a month with a Spanish student?
I don't know.
I feel like I might have been ruined forever.
Love you guys, especially my Charlotte!
Oh and this French guy was just hot so I took a(some) picture(s) of him!
 Sad thing, he doesn't even know I have this picture.
Thank you super awesome zoom and my inherent stalker skills.
Yeah I'm a creeper! :)


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