Friday, April 25, 2014

Best Calling Ever

Our church is one composed of a "lay ministry".  Basically everyone is every position is volunteering based on the belief that Heavenly Father wants them to serve in that position at that time for a specific reason.  Well in the past 14 years of Travis and I being together I have spent 12 of them in the Primary (18 months - 12 years).  I have done everything from play the piano, to teaching the music, to teaching classes, and being in the Presidency, specifically as President for the past three years.

And there are days, where I leave church exhausted and tired.  There are days I could live without the bureaucracy of being the President and the extra meetings.  But really, most any day, I'll tell you working with the kids in the church is the best calling there is.

Do you want to brush off the cynicism of life, the worries of your week, and the cares of the world? Just step into the Primary room.  These kids remind me of all that is good, kind and pure in the world.  They remind me of my Heavenly Father and all he expects me to be. 

And if on a particular Sunday, I get to "on the fly" fill in as the music leader...I'm brought to tears as the kids passionately belt out the lyrics to the songs that teach them about why they are here on Earth and remind me about what is really important in life. 

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