Friday, August 2, 2013

Stress Free(er)

Kody was my only non-swimmer at the beginning of this season. 
He's cautious, but I was ready to be done this phase of life - stressed around water.
He was excited to learn to swim since our pool installed a new wristband policy
for going in certain pools. 
As a willing fan, I found the quickest most intense swim program I could. 
Four days at our local retirement community pool and enrolled him the day before lessons started.
They showed them the basics and then expected them to do it. 
Kody went not wanting to be left behind on any skill.  He made it forty minutes in and then just quit cold turkey, gave up and got out of the pool.  He was done this social experiment.
 But day 2 I talked him into going back. 
The threat of letting Issac finish his swimming lessons session was all that he needed to hear. 
He jumped back in full fledge, was a willing participant and is now a swimmer. 
Dog paddle/freestyle hybrid is his specialty.
Good Job Kodster!

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