Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kid Update: Wyatt

As we drove in the car tonight, Wyatt asked me a question.  As soon as the question was out of his mouth he answered his own question with a pretty accurate answer.  He then turned to me and asked me this question.  "Mom, why every time do I have a question as soon as I say it out loud, my brain starts working on the answer eliminating possibilities until I've figured it out on my own so fast I'm not even sure why I got to that answer?"  And that really is one of the most notable things about Wyatt.  He is brilliant, like actually, technically.  When he was having his IQ tested at school they start with a small 1/2 hour test with the guidance counselor.  Depending on how they do on that they then engage in a multi hour testing session with the district psychologist.  After the initial testing with the guidance counselor he met with me.  He said he did really well, he was answering questions so quickly, at first, that I thought he was just guessing.  As we continued though and he did better than I imagined I realized that's just how his brain works.  Just as the guidance counselor was in awe a couple years ago, I still experience those moments with some regularity.  To see his brain in action really is quite unique. 

Inversely because a lot of things especially mental come so easy to Wyatt he struggles to push himself hard and his work ethic is sometimes questionable.  After a particularly frustrating couple of months at the beginning of the summer I had a conversation with him about why it's important to work hard, push yourself to do things you didn't think you could and grit through the learning curve and pain of trying hard things.  Shortly thereafter he took those words to heart and decided to run a 1 mile race.  After finishing he decided that he would like to run a 5K with me as well.  I was nervous but he did awesome.  Later I found out that he cried as we ran - it was a glow run at night - but I didn't even realize because he had taken to heart what I had said about gritting through hard things and pushing himself.  Even if it seems like Wyatt isn't paying attention he is always listening and taking what you say to heart.

Wyatt isn't really talkative like myself or some of the other kids.  But when he talks there is always a purpose.  He's very introspective and after a class report, where I sat watching, the teacher allowed the kids to ask the presenter questions.  As kids asked Wyatt questions, he thought long and hard sometimes before answering.  His teacher commented that this was what she loved most about Wyatt.  Instead of answering quickly that he didn't know or just saying something whether it was true or not, he took the time each time to mentally assess the question to see if he knew or could deduce the answer.  I decided that day I wanted to be more like Wyatt in that way.  Likewise when he doesn't know the answer to something he asks question after question leading to a million more until his thirst for knowledge is quenched.  This has led me to do interesting research with him in many areas including the question, do bugs fart. 

Right now Wyatt loves video games, computer games and reading.  Sometimes I worry that I should make him read non-fiction or use his time solving hard scientific equations but instead I usually indulge his need to be a kid, despite my worry that I am doing his intelligence a disservice. 

Wyatt has the world's longest eyelashes -yes those are real-, happiest smile and a way with people that makes me realize I've never met anyone who didn't love him to pieces.  He was the easiest baby ever and he continues to be the easiest child to raise ever.  I love this boy more than words can express. 

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I see Travis when I look at his pictures :)