Friday, July 5, 2013


Most people think I have straight hair.  It wasn't until I had lived in PA for three-ish years when I came to the bus stop and my neighbor asked "Is your hair curly?"  I remarked that I didn't think it was curly but it definitely wasn't straight.  She was surprised since my hair is usually straight or in a knot of some sort.

She said she liked the curls and that I should embrace them more.  I agree that they are pretty but in a state with so much humidity, it can go wrong oh so fast.  But I was surprised I had kept this fact, unintentionally, pretty well hidden.

I decided to photo document my hair pretty au natural.  This was a morning I woke up after showering the night before and going to bed without doing anything to it. 

P.S.  The color here is not so au natural, but pretty great still the same, eh???


T-Rex said...

I like it.

Adams said...

I miss your updates!!!!!!