Monday, May 13, 2013

Over and Over

There are certain facts that I have to relearn over and over.  They are:

*I know better than the average woman how a man thinks.
I love a new pair of running sneakers something fierce.
**I can actually sing.
**I look a lot younger than I actually am.
I love going out with friends.
**I love staying in with friends even more.
I love gifts, but not at the expense of blowing the budget.
I may not like chocolate in theory but sometimes it's just what I need.
Sight reading piano music on demand for our church choir is good for me.
Sometimes the worst memories in life are the best experiences.

The Golden Rule really is golden.
***Just thinking "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus" makes me laugh.
I really do have more energy than the normal person.
My husband is spectacular and I constantly underestimate him.

* Story 1 - The end of school year brings tons of activities for our family and meetings for me.  Think concerts, musicals, productions, meetings, etc..Because of this, I have been wearing nicer clothes. One day a neighbor stops me and says you look delicious again today.  I said thank you.  I explained that it was that time of year where I had to dress up regularly because of appointments.  She said in all seriousness to me, "No, it's because your hubby is home."  I laughed and continued on my way.  And was reminded that if I was trying to impress my hubby it wouldn't be with business dress, it would be with nakedness.  This concept along with others seems to allude most women.

** Story 2 - The other night I went out with friends.  We were supposed to go to dinner, then relax at a friend's house.  Everyone was claiming they needed an earlier night.  Low and behold, friends text and we end up at a local favorite where Karaoke is being held and they insist on carding me because no one believes I am older than 21.  I don't actually want to sing and after some ridiculous singing my friends agree I should back up dance and not sing.  Eventually my friend talks me into a duet, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" where she abandons me.  Everyone is going wild, and the DJ confirms after that there were moments of brilliance in my singing.  I guess being sober and not tone deaf really makes me a passable singer.  Also I realized that I really would rather stay in and do chill stuff more often.  I'm getting too old for that other business.

*** Story 3 - I was in a church meeting.  We were discussing dealing with difficult people.  And the kindest, most wonderful, what would appear to never be angry woman says, sometimes when I want to say something really mean, I think to myself "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus."  A good concept but she was so passionate about this and it was so unexpected that I just cracked up, wondering what her idea of really mad is.  To this day when I start to get really angry I remember this story and can't help but start laughing.  It works for me too, maybe not for the same reason, but I'm sticking with it.


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