Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Been Said

Wyatt:  How do babies come out of Moms' bellies?
Me:  They come out their girl parts.
Wyatt:  You mean their butt.
Me:  No not their butt, their vagina.  Remember a boy has a penis a girl has a vagina.  That is where they come out.
Wyatt:  Ewww.  So you mean I touched your gavina at some point.

At the pool in just his swimtrunks
Kody:  (pointing to his right nipple) - This is my happy button.
Kody:  (pointing to his left nipple) - This is my silly button.
Kody: (pointing to his belly button) - This is my mad button.
Kody:  Now push one.

Dakota throwing a fit:
Mom: Dakota, is that how we talk?
Dakota: No
Mom:  How do we talk Kody?
Issac:  (while holding his hand up a la prophet in biblical times)  "We say, Peace be still."

Wyatt was holding his arm out to his side at a 90 degree angle like he is flexing but he isn't.
Wyatt:  Last year my arms looked like this.
Wyatt:  (full on body building flexing) Now they look like this.

Isabella:  Mom do you know any Italian?
Me:  No not really.  Uncle Joseph does though.
Isabella: Not any words.
Me:  Well I know ciao and arrividercci and bella (I don't know the spellings on these)
Travis:  ...and cowabunga
Me:  What?
Travis:  You know cowabunga.
Me:  That's not Italian.
Travis:  Are you sure?  Because they always said it on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and they were Italian.


Alisa said...

Ok, my favorites are the first and last ones.....still smiling!!!!

Anja said...

HA! love it! thanks for the laugh today :)

The Conger's said...

Oh my heck laugh out loud, loved the buttons and the "peace be still." Ky and I are still laughing, so funny!

Christie said...

You have the coolest kids ever!

Jenny said...