Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Think That Would Be A Good Idea

It never occurred to me until late in elementary school at least that having wooden saloon doors in your house was not normal.  I mean I was born and brought home to this house it was all I knew.  And although they stayed predominantly locked open as shown in this picture, these babies were indeed full functioning saloon doors. 
My enlightenment occurred as my older brothers' friends would come in and ask about them.  And what was even greater is that this door connects the dining room to the kitchen.  And right inside the kitchen off to the left of where I am standing is a once again legitimate, fully functioning wood butcher block type bar with three stools.  Yeah this is where I ate my breakfast of Grapenuts. 

I don't know who ever thought "you know it would be a good idea to put saloon doors and a bar area in your house" but I"m glad they did because I have a hundred memories easily of this very spot: walking through with pistols around my hips, serving up drinks, filling and circling the crystal glasses to make them sing, running in circles trying to tag one another, hiding behind the doors in the smallest corner while playing hide in the seek in the dark for Family Home Evening, making the world's biggest and meatiest salads ever, rolling out chicken pot pie dough, and trying to open the doors into one another's faces purposely.  Yes the doors swing both ways.

The house of my childhood may not be in the shape and condition it once was but I think I value you it more than I ever did before.