Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweet, Sweet Children

Isabella helps at Science Night.  She was so sweet with the elementary students and great at sharing her enthusiasm for science. 
 What is it about babies that brings the world to their knees?
My children are all so sweet and tender with our foster babies.
I love catching these tender moments.
 For years, all of my children have showered now.  So imagine my surprise,
to go up and hear a ruckus and find my 9 and 11 year old bathing together and playing
as if they were toddlers again.
I love how much my kids are best friends!
I guess all this sweet goodness starts at the top with my Travis's amazing example.
Late night Costco trip with Wyatt and they have created a train of baby in the cart,
with Wyatt pushing/riding on the flatbed with Travis pushing.
How can it not be fun and sweet with this man leading our family?

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