Friday, October 14, 2016

My Little Soccer Stud - A History Lesson

I've always told my kids that they were expected to play a sport and play an instrument.  I didn't care which of each, but that I wanted them to be well rounded.   Wyatt hates running and I felt very nervous for him as he likes sports and playing the least of all my kids.  He tried wrestling and it didn't last despite his skills.  He tried baseball and that didn't take once again by his own choice - he thought it moved too slow.  Soccer is big in our district and I feel like it is the sport everyone plays from 3 years old and on.  Since we don't play Sunday sports, I was nervous to see how he would fair.
 Well he faired like a champ.  He was the only one to have no previous soccer experience, but through some summer camps and practices he started to pick it right up.  He ended up starting the JV team and continued through every game.  He won MVP one game and Most Improved Player of the season.  His coach had such nice things to say about his effort, his spirit and his fearlessness.  He has loved the season and can't wait to play more.
So it came as no surprise that given the chance, Wyatt has decided he wants to play winter Futsal (indoor soccer) and spring soccer if they will let him knowing that he won't be playing the Sunday games.  I can't wait to see if this lasts, but I love that he will try new things.

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