Sunday, April 17, 2016

Days My Dreams Are Made Of

Yesterday was a Saturday chalked full of activities and as a result my house looked like a tornado had blown through.  Considering even that, the day was perfect.  It was the type of day I dreamed family life would be like.  Despite the chaos and the worrying that there are not enough parents (aka drivers) for the amount of kids and activities somehow it works out.

Wyatt left early for District 7 PMEA Stringfest.  Then Travis and I attended the baptism of a girl in our ward.  She comes from a part member family, but this family is amazing.  The mom, Angie, teaches me so much about mothering even though she mothers totally different than me.  Their family exemplifies the (2) Great Commandments - Love the Lord thy God and Love The Neighbor as thyself.  After seeing that and chatting with their family and some friends for a bit, we rushed out to make Kody's baseball game which we had arranged for a friend to pick him up for.

Once there, Travis realized how much he underestimates the Kody man as he batted a thousand, with his first at bat being a double.  In the outfield the coach moved him around some, but largely he ended up playing shortstop.  He had a great time with his first scrimmage and they won 11-5.  Sitting and watching the game was wonderful under the perfect sun and one arm got a bit burnt, but we had to leave early and the same friend took him home until we could pick him up later.

From there we went to Isabella's friend's confirmation party.  They have been friends for years and our families have become close.  It was at a great place that has ping pong, pool, air hockey, etc...It was great to play with Issac and Travis while Isa got to hang out with her friends.  There was a nice lunch and a couple of tears shed as Renee (Allie's mom) thanked everyone who was there who because they had helped her in her life and faith get to that point.  It's amazing to be a village raising a child.  We ended up leaving there early too, while Issac and Isabella stayed.

Travis and I went to Conestoga Valley to listen to Wyatt play in the District 7 PMEA orchestra concert.  His teacher had sent some pictures from earlier in the day.  The music was pretty awesome and we felt super proud.  Afterwards Wyatt glowed with joy.  Travis took him home and I left to go meet up with friends, Liz and Nicole.

We were going to go hiking, but when I got there we had a change of plans.  Instead we would bike downtown for dinner at Souvlaki Boys (holy yum) and dessert at Rachel's Creperie.  As a chain of one of the bikes came off we had an encounter with some of the people on their porches.  One nice man was super willing to help, but because of an overheard phone conversation we learned with a great deal of certainty that he was likely a drug dealer.  That was just enough excitement to have us giggling the rest of the day.  We cycled around town and through the old cemetery.  We got back to their house, hung out for a bit before I knew I needed to return home and back to real life.

The kids had been put to bed, Travis had cleaned up the house and done the dishes.  All was quiet and I was able to do just a couple of maintenance things before heading to bed to read.  After less than ten minutes of reading, my body demanded sleep.  I obeyed.  It was amazing and awesome.  If only every day could be that good.


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