Friday, August 8, 2014

Born to Be at the Beach

From as far back as I can remember the first week of every August was spent at the beach.  My mom told me from a young age that the only time they missed was the year I was born.  You see, my birthday falls on July 27th, and she just wasn't feeling up to a beach trip less than a week later.  What a slacker she was :)

Now take that and add my adolescence of my mom's best friend having a beach house in the Outer Banks.  So a couple more trips each year.  And last add the fact that once my friends and I got our licenses, we would jam down to the beach any spare day we could throughout the summer.  You see we live within three hours of at least 10 beaches.  It's sort of awesome.

Skip ahead modern day.  Imagine the first family vacation I started instilling in my kids.  Yeah it's the beach.  And even with my ever changing kid ratios, notice who jams down to the beach any free day throughout the summer and any time a friend or family member comes to visit.

You see, I need a beach house.  My own.  I keep telling Travis and he keeps saying not yet.  Maybe you should try and convince him.  Until then...I'll just enjoy the memories of quick trips and occasional vacations.

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