Thursday, February 13, 2014

Turks and Caicos

We went to Grand Turk.  The island is 1.5 miles by 7 miles.  Travis and I covered most of it, half walking for several hours and the other part via "cab".  The beautiful beaches will speak for themselves just wait for the pictures.  And the water was the clearest and bluest - hands down.  The many reefs and visible corals and fish were awesome.  Along the beaches are natural sponges, shells and sea life galore.  The resort area of Margaritaville is paradise for tourists.  That being said, I'm not your typical tourist. 

I like to get in it and see the people and how they live.  The people are poor and the homes are run down mostly by too many tropical storms and hurricanes.  Staying fixed up is too expensive and too often of a recurring experience., that they don't even try anymore.  Real estate is cheap, but apparently next to impossible to off load if and when the time ever comes.  The island is so small and most of it not meant for American consumerism.  That being said there are wild horses and apparently if you can catch them, you own them.  Proof was when we saw a man selling tours to couples to ride the horses through the surf.  Not a single one of the three of them: husband, wife, or tour guide seemed to have a bit of horse handling experience among them.  It was very comical for Travis and I to watch though. 

My best advice is if you are a resort vacationer, definitely give it a try.  The beaches are well worth it and the big resorts are amazing.  If you are a wanderer, there are better place to go explore.
I hope you had as much fun reading about our vacation as I did reliving it by writing it down.  If not that's okay too, because I had enough fun actually going on it for all of us! 

Love you, Travis.  Thanks for working so hard and taking me. Happy Birthday and Anniversary combined.  To more years of us!

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