Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grind Fitness

Get your Grind on!  Yeah it's not sexual even though it may sound that way.  Instead it is a class offered at my gym.  It's basically cross fit without all the branding.  If you're not a gym rat, cross fit is basically a super intense kind of crazy work out for those who consider themselves the elite in working out and fitness.  It's no joke, but I digress.  Our class is pretty close and so we decided to go out before Christmas to celebrate.  We went to a local restaurant and bar, Symposium.  They had a live band and dancing this particular night. 
While there, one of our group, decided to go out and have a smoke and asked if anyone wanted to join her.  As you can imagine she was met with scoffs and scorns.  Seriously in a world where smoking is diminishing in popularity, among this group it is downright frowned upon.  All this hoopla resulted in our next Grind class stopping for a smoke break - candy cigarettes of course.
And last it wouldn't be a night out without shenanigans, sketchy people and a host of hilarious stories for future retelling: like dancing on stage with the band, awful pick up lines "You look like a Roman goddess", guys dropping crumpled paper into your hands as they leave, and dancing elves.
Travis is convinced that this isn't some guy's name and number, but instead a number and a question.  Either way I think I'll pass.  Even if he was cute"ish".

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