Friday, October 4, 2013

In All Seriousness,

Can life please stop and slow down for a moment?  It's going way to fast.  For the sake of recording here is the rest of the summer that was never mentioned...or maybe it was, I don't remember!

In no particular order...
Training for a half marathon - imagine my physique improved too
Going to corn mazes
Laying in rope spider webs
Taking tractor rides
Making beach day trips
Acquiring lots of blisters
Even blood blisters
Going out west, Utah
Participating in the library's summer reading program
Having roller-skating parties
More beach shenanigans - Love The Beach!!!
Visiting our Alma Maters
Attending the G. Whiting family reunion in Yellowstone
Hiking, biking, climbing and lots of outdoor fun
Look at those Whiting men!

1 comment:

candice said...

So I thought working out just made you heavier due to your muscle density weirdness! Ummm... you are looking fantastic! Perhaps I just need to run an insane amount as well! I can't seem to give up eating!