Monday, June 10, 2013

Monte Carlo

So Bella and I for our first day of summer vacation indulged in ridiculous girl movie watching.  I love that we can indulge our goofy side together.  So we watched the movie, Monte Carlo, one I had not seen, but Bella had. 

The scenario was 3 girls, 4 boys.  And as we watched we oohed and aahhed over different male leads.  Once the movie was over we continued the debate finding other internet images of these boys.  We still can't agree, so I'll leave it up to my viewing audience.

Who is the hottest of these boys (boy 3 and 4 are the same, one with long hair, one with short-if you choose him you must pick a hair length as well)?  Well what are you waiting for?  Weigh in!



Giulio 1

Giulio 2



Arielle said...

The 3rd has awful hair in both pics but I feel like he could be the best. As-is I'd say first wins

Christie said...

I like Luke, but if I were a teenager I'd have to say Cory.

The Congers said...

I am with Christie on the Luke wagon, in high school I would probably have said Pierre but Maddie likes Cory, however we did decide that we would have to see them acting to see actual face movement because they may seem nicer.