Monday, April 1, 2013

Public Confessions

Public Confession Number 1:  I hate public toilets.  I hate any toilet besides my own.  And when I say my own, I am not even referring to all three in my house.  See I don't believe in the five years that I have lived in this house that I have ever used the kids bathroom.  Only a handful of times have I used the bathroom on the main floor.  See I am just that neurotic that I travel all the way up to the bathroom in my bedroom most every time. 

Public Confession Number 2:  When people ask what I do, I say "I'm a stay at home mom."  I'm not a fan of the word homemaker, only because I find it offensive to men and working mothers.  I believe wholly in working within our home, but I don't think that stay at home moms are the only homemakers.  Good fathers and working women can be homemakers.  Last I believe most accurately I am a domestic engineer.  An engineer is someone "applying scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems."  And I couldn't believe more in that being my cause.  My problem is how do I turn these little "animals"  into functioning, contributing, amazing adults.  And I like to think that daily I am working on these solutions.  I'll let you know how good of an engineer I was in another dozen years or so.

Public Confession Number 3:  Sometimes when I get really tired, I cry.  Now the trigger could be one of a million things.  But that is when my kids and hubby know to put me to bed and let me rest.  Because outside of spiritual things or very happy things, the only time I cry is when I am tired, very very tired. 

Public Confession Number 4:  Since Travis and I have been married, 8+ non-family members have either lived with or have asked to live with us, either directly, through friends or through foster care.  Most recently I got a call from another member, a retired teacher, of our church congregation who had a previous student with a four month old baby who needed a place to live - her parents had kicked her out.  I came highly recommended for this described girl who was outwardly rough around the edges with issues.  I am going to take the recommendation as a huge compliment, but I don't know what I do to make people think I have a knack for this thing, because often I feel like it's the blind leading the blind.  But as of tomorrow we will have two non related people residing in my house, so I am feeling pretty glad that the girl with the baby worked out her problems with her parents and went back home.  Because 9 people, four guests, one being a brand new baby might just be a little too hectic for even me. 

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