Thursday, March 7, 2013

This and That Thursday

I just walked up to bed at 11:03 pm and found Bella still awake reading in bed.  What the heck?  She's not supposed to do that.  I do that.  She needs to wait until she is in college to pull those kind of hijinks. 

Sadly I let her stay up because she was 13 pages from finishing the book.  Who would really make her quit at this point?

This week on a field trip I learned to tap a sugar maple tree, turn 40 gallons of sugar water into syrup and that I don't like maple candy.

While at an after school activity tonight where families were encouraged to wear PJ's, a friend came up to me and said "Now I know you don't wear your jeans and shirt to bed." Sadly, I think many would be surprised to learn how often I sleep in what I had on that day.

To quote one of our most uneducated, "Ain't nobody got time for that."  When I finally get time to sleep I just lay down and sleep regardless of dress.

Travis left his laptop on the plane on Tuesday.  Didn't realize it was missing until Wednesday and called it in lost.  By Thursday someone had turned it in and the airport called him to work on a return plan.  Yeah!

4 pics 1 Word is a game. It's entertaining, but apparently I'm really good at it. Because after a fluke friend or two asking for help, I now get almost daily email, facebook, and in person requests to solve their puzzles from friends.

On a related note another friend found a game she thinks I'll like. Sounds like Scattegories when she described it. My favorite phone game is Scramble. Do you think it's unhealthy to like only word games? Does it say something about my character?

According to my OB/GYN today, my uterus is ridiculously small considering I've had four kids.  Don't really know if that is good or bad or more for the gee whiz collection.

My sister is coming to visit in less than a week and I couldn't be more excited.  I learned a week is far too short.  I have a million ideas and plans for us.  Likely we'll lay around all day talking, fighting, making up, and being goofy. 

The boys this week made a comment about fat girls and old ladies smelling.  I thought it was funny and posted it on facebook.  Needless to say, not everyone did.  I'm glad my small children can get grown adults so riled up.  Or maybe it was me being amused by the way small minds work.  Either way.

We had another "Snow Day" with cancelled school when it didn't snow a single snowflake.  Third day this year that we had school cancelled for bad weather that never came.  At what point do the "Educators" realize that their priority is no longer education but the avoidance of Helicopter Parents (read hovering) complaining about the unpredictable danger of nature. 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.  I would have been a mystery reader to celebrate your birthday, but the Snow Day ruined it.  But I still got to make obscene snacks for first graders under the guise that they were green eggs and ham.  So the jokes on you.  I guess the real joke is on the American public though since you have everyone calling you Dr. when you have no doctoral degree.

And that's that on this this and that Thursday.  Now who's Dr. Seuss, hmmm???

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Alisa said...

Oh my gosh, that video is hilarious! But my favorite part was sending me back to my childhood when the quick scene from "Teen Witch" came on. Come on everybody..."Top that, stop that, I don't really give a..." Hahahahahaha!

Oh, and I emailed you a few weeks ago about our move...not sure if you still have that email?